We were born in 2015 to brew the beers we wanted to drink, and we always kept focused on quality. We settled our brewery in Lisbon’s Graça neighbourhood and from there we started our mission to change beer consumption in Portugal.


We believe we’ve been achieving it daily and we’ll keep doing it. We brewed a dozen of new beers, reached the entire country, managed to export abroad, and opened our own places in Lisbon.

The best part is that we are aware this is just the beginning.

The Oitava Colina


Oitava Colina stands for Eight Hill.


When Frei Nicolau de Oliveira, in the XVII century, named Lisbon as the city of the seven hills, he did it wrongly on purpose.


As seen by the river, then the city’s entrance door, Lisbon had seven hills on sight. At least from that perspective, the castle blocks the sight of Graça Hill. The Frei noticed there was another hill behind the castle, the 8th hill, but he decides to marginalize it just to make the parallel to Rome, then the world’s biggest city, the city of the 7 hills.


Our brewery is on Graça Hill. For the sake of historic justice, we decided to adopt that name, 8ª Colina, 8th Hill.

We use to say “Beer never sleeps”.
We have a bunch of dedicated beer professionals

and proficient glass raising experts. 

Sales Manager

João is the first employee and feels the brand so much he gets jealous when our customers give attention to Urraca in expense of other 8a references. He embodies the jealousy, and maybe that's why Florinda it's his favourite beer (right after Orval).

Administrative Support

Nádia keeps the order at the office. Don't be fooled by the sweet looks, she's always with a finger ready to push the trigger.

Her favourite beer is Urraca Vendaval.


Marta has been brewing abroad before joining us here at 8ª.

She says she's so sweet that the beer she would take on a desert island would be our raspberry sour. Do you believe?


General Manager

Sérgio is on the wheel, he looks for everyone. Excel sheets respect him and he respects beer, from ales to lagers, sours or barrel aged. To take to an island he chooses Aktor, a Doppel Bock from 8a, which he considers to be one of the most underrated beers we've ever brewed.

Head Brewer

Fabien is french and obviously we remember him everyday about Eder.

The patience he has facing this basic taunts can describe him perfectly.  

His favourite beer is Zenne y Frontera from 3 Fontainen.


Marketing Manager

If he had to choose only one beer it would be a Guinness. By the way, he daily reminds our brewers how nice it would be to develop a nitro stout. While waiting, he works all communication issues, this site included, this words included, which is strange as he's using the third person. 


Pedro is always ready. A box-to-box midfielder, Maniche alike. He comes from the south side and is always committed to put the beer where it is needed.

If he had access to only one beer until the end of times, it would be our Vila Iolanda.


Bernardo is from Rio so perfectly qualified to choose the beer he would take with him to a desert island. He chooses Pilsner Urquel Unfiltered and we think he might be fine.

He loves brewing and is responsible for bottling here at Oitava Colina.

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Tv. Pereira 16A, Arm. 5

1170-313  Lisboa