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Play safe by having your beer at one of our places.

By now only in Lisbon. In the future we never know. 

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Our brewery has a taproom right at the door, where we have 10 taps pouring our beers.
It is a perfect place to enjoy Lisbon's light while having a taste of our best creations,
as fresh as they can get.

Visit our Instagram @fabricaoitavacolina to get to know what events are on in the near future.

Av. Infante D. Henrique, 334, arm. 3

+351 218 278 528

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More than a pub. Our first taproom is a destiny and a flagship of our neighbourhood. 

In the number 8A of Rua Damasceno Monteiro you'll find 10 taps with a unique view over our city. Beer, foods & friends! That's what we love.

Rua Damasceno Monteiro, nº 8A, Lisboa

+351 968 617 085

Open every day.

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