year round

Beers we have available year-round and where we focus on keep them delicious, fresh and consistent, at the same time they are a natural non-pasteurized product.

We are known for our quality and consistency, a heavy badge we are proud to carry.

6% vol.

58 IBU

Cult Beer in Portugal, Urraca is a woman of fire. Fruity aromas and intense bitterness on a classic IPA, Cascade and Citra dry hoped.

5,2% vol.

34 IBU

Sweet and elegant, Florinda is light on the hill. The lightness of a lager, with heavy doses of german Hallertau Mittlefruh.

6% vol.

38 IBU

Charm and charisma on a glass, Zé Arnaldo is more than a dark beer. It's a bouquet of roasted, sweet and fruity flavours.

9% vol.

90 IBU

For strong love, intense beers. Iolanda fits it, double the malt and the hops for the hop heads delight.

Adventurous, innovator, in Joe da Silva the american hops shine over a sweet light malt base ending on an priceless drinkability. 

5,5% vol.

37 IBU

Easy going, Maria is a brave blonde with fair Cascade hop addition. Freshness all the way!

5% vol.

25 IBU

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Seasonal, fruity, barrel aged, sours or other experimental trips, here we have beers that we brew now and then, only with quality commitment.

Vila Berta, the prettiest of them all. It is easy to fall in love with this hop juice. New England IPA, you want it hazy and with low bitterness. One of our clients favourites.

Vila Prazeres is a paradise for sour heads. We smash and mash the freshest raspberries, and join them to this beer which is these days a synonym to summer.

4,5% vol.

17 IBU

Vila Martins is one of our first loves. It was designed to face hot summers in Portugal. We add ginger to give that fresh spicy touch, so put your sunglasses on and let that vacation vibe flow.

Borges, the conservative insurgent, the skeptical optimist. Borges has all world ideas inside him. So is this Imperial Stout, of intriguing complexity, but one that speaks for itself.

Musgueira is a celebration beer. To live and celebrate the same way. That is the philosophy that inspires this Brut IPA. Dry, cristal clean, to make us remember the best sparkling champagne.

8% vol.

80 IBU

Vila Rodrigues is a special project. we tought about dark chocolate and orange and turned that combination into a beer. A cocktail of orange peel, roasted malts and a lot of hops, on an unforgettable experience. 

Get your Sabino to face the adversity. Sabino tames the tides and so is this Triple IPA. Triple the amount of malts, triple the amount hops. This is the beer for the resilient souls. 

5% vol.

28 IBU

4,8% vol.

29 IBU

Vila Irene is a blonde beer with a unique character, an hibrid style between ales and lagers leading to a both refreshing and tasty beer for the summer. To have our touch, its loaded with Hallertau Blanc which gives it sensational personality. We love Irene!

Vila Sousa is a beer for any time of the day. Light, relaxed and loaded with american hops. Even if it is a beer not to think much about, it better have a noticeable bitterness.

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